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Breast Reduction Mammoplasty

Cost from $ 4,150

Cost with Financing $ 102 per month


The Breast Reduction or Reduction Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure to reduce the size of large, pendulous breast. Reduction Mammoplasty will create smaller, more youthful and healthy appearing breasts.


Women frequently choose breast reduction because of severe back, neck and shoulder aches created by the large size of their breasts also the feeling that they are severely limited in what clothing they feel they can wear. The physical discomfort that is caused by very heavy, large breasts can limit participation in certain activities or exercise, In addition, breasts that are out of proportion to a women's body can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness.


Breast reduction can be performed at any age on a healthy woman, but it is usually recommended to wait until the breasts are fully developed. Some women decide to wait to have the surgery until their childbearing is over since childbirth and breastfeeding can cause unpredictable changes to the breasts and breast-feeding may not be possible after breast reduction surgery.


The Reduction / Mammoplasty Procedure


There are several different techniques and incisions that can be used to reduce the breasts. The most common procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision that circles the areola, extends downward, and follows the natural curve of the crease beneath the breast. This is the most common style being used in the US.


The surgeon removes excess glandular tissue, skin and fat, and moves the nipple and areola into their new position to match the breasts new contours. The surgeon then brings the skin from both sides of the breast down and around the areola, shaping the new contour of the breast. Liposuction may sometimes be used to remove excess fat from the armpit area.


New options for Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty


The latest advancements in Breast Reduction surgery today have made several important advancements you should be aware of. Formally Breast Reductions and most breast lifts were done with what had been called an inverted T or anchor scar. This placed an incision around the nipple-areola, one vertically downward from there and one in the fold. This operation enhanced the shape of the breast while reducing and/or lifting it. However, some patient's formed very visible scars following this operation that did not resolve over time. This left the patient with a better shape but with scars on her breast that were sometimes noticeable in bathing suits and lower cut tops.


In order to minimize large scars, new techniques have now been developed in the Europe and South America to limit the amount of scarring. In most cases the scar can be either limited to around the nipple-areola, or for larger breasts a short vertical scar going down from the areola. With this technique the incision under the breast has now been done away with. This is great news if you are thinking about a Breast Reduction


Better result with less scarring!


Very few surgeons in the United States have adopted or are even aware of this technique, but at SSI, we use exclusively South American trained Plastic Surgeons, We have been offering minimal scar Breast Reductions for several years now. We have had great results with patients who have been very happy that they have gone with this newer technique.


With breast surgery Our goal is to give each patient the most attractive looking breast with as little scarring as possible.



FAQ: Breast Reduction


1. Who is a candidate for Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty?
2. What are some of the most common benefits of Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty?
3. Do I need any special tests or X-rays for Breast Reduction Mammoplasty ?
4. How much pain is there for Breast Reduction /Mammoplasty ?
5. When can I get back to normal?
6. Are there any risks involved in Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty?
7. What is the long-term outcome for Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty like for most people?
8. Can I combine Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty with other procedures?
9. How should I prepare for surgery?
10. What happens after Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty surgery?
11. What bra size will you be following Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty surgery?
12. Is breast reduction permanent?
13. What is Arnica montana, I have heard that it reduces swelling and bruising? Which is the best kind to take?


1. Who is a candidate for Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty ?(top)

The best candidates for breast reduction are women:

- Is at least 18 years of age or older

- Educated to fully understand the procedure

- Whose activities are hindered due to large breasts

- Has physical discomfort due to large breasts

- Not currently pregnant or breastfeeding

- Not intending to breast feed in the future

- In good physical and psychological health

- Wanting to improve their appearance and/or comfort

- Realistic in their expectations from surgery

-The above is only a partial list that your surgeon will consider in deciding whether this procedure is right for you.

2. What are some of the most common benefits of breast reduction/ Mammoplasty?(top)

Breast reduction is very successful at reducing the weight of very heavy breasts, making it easier to enjoy an active lifestyle and a wider range of cloths which flatter you. Women find that this surgery often relieves chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain. The Main benefit of the Reduction is functional, but you also get a breast lift, which will enhance your appearance and improve your body shape.

3. Do I need any special tests or X-rays for Breast Reduction Mammoplasty?(top)

If you are in good health and you want a local anesthetic, you may not need any special tests or X-rays. If you suffer from a serious illness, such as diabetes, your surgeon may order tests or suggest you see your treating physician. If you are going to have a general anesthetic, the anesthesiologist may order special tests to prepare for the anesthetic. Most plastic surgeons take photographs before and after surgery. If you are over 35 you should have a mammogram.

4. How much pain is there for Breast Reduction /Mammoplasty ?(top)

Although the surgical incision for this surgery is quite large, it is placed in areas of the breast that are not too sensitive. In addition, due to the fact that the nerves to the breast skin have been stretched out by the weight of the breasts over a long time, the skin is less sensitive. Thus, the pain after surgery is usually easily managed with oral pain medications. Initially, there is discomfort in walking, getting out of bed, and any activity that causes the breasts to move. You will probably be sore for the first few days after surgery.

5. When can I get back to normal??(top)

Although you may be up and about the next day, your breasts may still ache occasionally for a couple of weeks. You should absolutely avoid lifting or pushing anything over 10 pounds for three weeks. Most women return to work in about two weeks. Avoid sex for a week or more, sexual arousal will cause your incisions to swell, and absolutely avoid anything but very gentle contact with your breasts for about six weeks.

6. Are there any risks involved in Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty?(top)


Breast reduction is not a simple operation, but it's normally safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. Nevertheless, as with any surgery, there is always a possibility of complications, including bleeding, infection, or reaction to anesthesia. Some patients can develop small sores around their nipples after surgery. These can be treated with antibiotic creams. You can reduce your risks by closely following the instructions SSI and Your Surgeon provide you before and after surgery.


The procedure leaves noticeable, permanent scars, although your bra or bathing suit can cover them. (Poor healing and wider scars are more common in smokers. A lot more!! You should stop smoking at least one month before your surgery date!!).


Future breast-feeding may not be possible, since the surgery will remove many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples. Very rarely, some patients may experience a permanent loss of feeling in their nipples or breasts. Very rarely, the nipple and areola may lose their blood supply and the tissue will die; the nipple and areola will then need to be rebuilt using skin grafts from elsewhere on the body.

7. What is the long-term outcome for Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty like for most people?(top)

Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction has probably the most immediate dramatic results. Your physical discomfort is gone, your shape is better proportioned, and clothes fit better. Most women are very happy with the results. A typical thing we hear a lot is “I should have done this years ago”. Your surgeon will make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible, but the scarring from this surgery is permanent. These scars remain pink or brown for several years. For some women, the scars can become wider; but for others, they fade and become less noticeable. (Poor healing and wider scars are much more common in smokers.) Fortunately, the scars are in areas that are not seen unless you are topless, and will be hidden by bathing suits. Breast-feeding may not be possible, since the surgery removes many of the milk ducts leading to the nipples.

8. Can I combine Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty with other procedures?(top)

Absolutely, it is quite common to add a tummy tuck or other procedure. A major trend in the last few years is for patients to have more than one operation at the same time. This reduces your cost greatly and you only have to go through one period of recovery. This does not normally increase the normal risks of surgery.

9. How should I prepare for surgery?(top)

Your Surgeon will require you to have a mammogram (breast x-ray) before surgery. You will also get specific instructions on how to prepare for surgery, including guidelines on eating, drinking, not smoking, and avoiding certain medications that affect your bleeding during surgery, like aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs. .

10. What happens after Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty surgery?(top)

After your surgery, you'll be wrapped in a special surgical bra over gauze dressings. You will probably feel some pain for the first day especially when you move around. We highly recommend a good stack of DVD's and rest. Your surgeon will prescribe light pain medication . There will be swelling and your doctor may prescribe a pharmaceutical grade Arnica montana for the relief of this. There may be some bruising but Arnica montana will help alleviate some of this.


You should be wearing your bra 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks. After the 21 day period, the bra should be worn at least during the day time for several months. The surgical tape that is over the suture lines should not be removed as your surgeon will remove them in approximately 10-15 days.


You may sponge bath for the first 3 days after surgery as you must not get the bandage wet. You can remove the bra after 8 days but only to put on a fresh one. Replace the bra quickly after washing. After 14 days a normal shower may be taken. Be sure to replace the bra immediately after showering or bathing.


11. What bra size will you be following Breast Reduction/ Mammoplasty surgery?(top)

Your breasts will be examined and measured; factors like skin tone, your individual body type and your desired outcome are all factors you and your surgeon will discuss what proportion will be ideal as well as what is possible surgically. Your surgeon will also discuss the size and position of the areola and nipple that are “lifted” during the surgery. Your surgeon will photograph your breasts for reference before and after surgery. Be very clear and honest about your hopes and expectations from your surgery. Your surgeon’s goal is to provide you with great results that you’ll be happy with.

12. Is breast reduction permanent?(top)

Yes, Breast Reduction is permanent. Although the remaining fat cells will swell and enlarge if you over eat and gain a lot of weight. Breast tissue will still swell and be tender to the touch when affected by natural or synthetic hormones. If you are taking hormone supplements it is possible to gain small amounts of breast tissue back.

13. What is Arnica montana, I have heard that it reduces swelling and bruising? Which is the best kind to take?(top)

Also known as: Mountain Tobacco, Mountain Arnica, Common Arnica, Leopard's Bane and Sneezewort

Plant family: Asteraceae

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Parts used: Roots and flowers

Habitat: Indigenous to Central Europe, in woods and mountain pastures.


Warning: This herb should NEVER be taken in raw form. This plant, like many medicinal plants if ingested, can cause intestinal bleeding, abdominal cramping and sickness. Homeopathy is the medicinal use of tinctures and suspensions using herbs and other plants and should never be consumed without proper preparation. Only respectable homeopathic remedies and tinctures should be consumed. Arnica montana has been used in Europe for centuries to treat swelling, soreness and bruising. This product is often misunderstood when confused with ingesting the arnica plant in its raw form. When properly prepared, Arnica may significantly decrease healing time or the appearance of such. There are many formulations from different companies although many sub-lingual (under the tongue) brands can be considered mild and not strong enough for more traumatic planned traumas such as plastic surgery. There is a stronger formulation that many plastic surgeons recommend for their patients. Many patients do use weaker formulations available and standard health food stores. Ask your surgeon before using anything new! .



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Before and after picturesFile ID : Q&A  

Breast reduction and breast lift

New York

Can a breast reduction and a breast lift be done at the same time?
I don't want to have a much smaller size breast and have them
droopy!   Also the price for Plastic surgery in New York is very high 
where is the closest state I can go to have a substantial savings. I don't 
want a cheap breast lift but I don't want to pay double just because I live
 New York either!


Denise.- New York, Ny

Before and after pictures SSI_Answer  

Breast reduction and breast lift

New York, NY

A breast reduction and a breast lift are very similar procedures so yes you will always have all the elements of a breast lift which will lift nipples and remove excess skin. So no "droopy breasts" . With the reduction you will also enjoy the benefits of having excess breast tissue removed to make the breasts smaller.

About Plastic Surgery Prices in New York, yes they are very expensive, sometimes double. I would think about going to Phoenix or Dallas. Both locations have two things going for them, depending on the time of year, warm weather and better prices for getting a breast reduction.



File ID : Q&A  
Breast reductions and recovery time San Diego

One of my friend under went a breast reduction, as what I have understood from her it takes 3 to 5 months to swelling down? Is this true for everybody? I am considering getting my breast reduction surgery this month, but I have an important function to go to at the very end of the month. I was wondering if I have the reduction done, will I be able to go?

Sharleen- San Diego CA.

Breast reduction and recovery time San Diego

Breast reductions and breast lifts actually do not have as much swelling as a breast augmentation with implants will have. With a breast reduction you must consider the healing time that is needed may be longer depending on your recovery than one month. You will have limited movement in your arms, limited ability to lift things and you won't want to spend much, if any, time out of your post operative bra. So depending on what your event is you may want to reconsider attending or plan your dress and activities accordingly. I personally would wait to get the surgery if the event was that important.



File ID : Q&A  
Breast Feeding after breast reduction Miami FL

Hi, I plan on getting pregnant over the next year or so and wondered if getting a breast reduction could reduce my chances of breast feeding?

Rayna. - Miami FL.


Breast Feeding after breast reduction

Miami FL

Any type of breast surgery can reduce your chances of successfully breast feeding. Most studies show there is only a small percentage of women who have difficulty after a breast reduction or breast lift but the chance is there. The procedure itself does not remove, in most cases, the glands that produce milk but rather the breast tissue and fat that surrounds the glands. However, incisions need to be made around the areaola and into the breast tissue which increase the risk of not being able to successfully breast feed. Talk with your surgeon about the risk and consider waiting to get the surgery until after your breast feeding for the best long term results.



File ID : Q&A  
Cheap price for breast reduction in Los Angeles CA.

My friend and I are thinking about getting breast reductions at the same time. We would like to know if you think we can get a reduction in the price as well if we both went to the same plastic surgeon at the same time? We are not looking for "Cheap Cheap" type deals but have no issues with getting a better price for breast reduction

Stacey S. - Los Angeles CA,

Cost SSI_Answer  
Cheap price for breast reduction in Los Angeles

Breast Reductions are more likely to have some "wiggle" room in the price for surgeons since there are no implant costs to consider but remember that with each surgery there are fixed costs that the surgeon has no control of such as hospital/clinic and anesthesia. Many surgeons will put a package together for you but typically not a significant savings. If you and your friend do get your breast reductions together I would expect a surgeon to knock of at least 15 percent on the price.



breastFile ID : Q&A  
Breast Reduction Scars

I have seen some very scary pictures of breast reduction scars, that makes me bit nervous, what do you suggest to help minimize the scars? Is their one type of breast reduction that has less scars than others? Thanks

Tammy. Chicago.

breast SSI_Answer  

Breast reduction scars

Chicago IL.

Breast Reduction surgery is a difficult surgery and the healing time is very slow due to there isn't much blood flow going to the breasts. Add to this that we tend to over do it and lift things we shouldn't, put our arms above our head and get overly hot or cold during our healing. Best thing you can do to take care of your scar is follow your surgeons recommendations, let your body heal and don't over exert yourself. There are a lot of creams and goo's on the market and some do what they say they will so it is always a good idea to check out your options and talk with your surgeon about what he recommends. Favorites include Arnica and Bromelein. But with care and a good surgeon the scars should fade to almost unnoticeable over time.



File ID : Q&A  

liposuction during breast reduction?

Dallas or Houston

What is the liposuction part of a breast reduction? I'm getting a breast reduction in about one week and they told me that it was a breast reduction and liposuction.. Does anyone have an idea what the lipos for? Maybe the fat where your armpit meets I thought I understood the procedure during the interview, but now I realize I am not as clear as I would like to be.

Balsa -Houston or Dallas TX


liposuction during breast reduction?

Dallas| Houston Tx.

Liposuction is typically done to help give the breast a better shape and more definition. Liposuction can be done under the armpits and along the back and sides and also just above the breast. Be sure to ask the surgeon which areas he is going to liposuction and then before you go into surgery he should have these areas clearly marked.



File ID : Q&A Cost of breast augmentation
Breast reduction or a breast lift in Phoenix area

I don't really understand the difference between a breast reduction and a breast lift? I would think that when a Plastic surgeon does a breast reduction he would raise the breasts automatically to the " correct breast height" ? Thanks for your information.

Kay- Phoenix AZ


Breast reduction vs breast lift

Phoenix AZ

You are correct. A breast lift and a breast reduction are very similar procedures. In both procedures the surgeon will reposition the areaola/nipple to the correct place on the breast and will remove any excess skin. In a breast reduction the surgeon will remove excess breast tissue to reduce the size of breast whereas in a breast lift he will not.



File ID : Q&A  
Breast reduction and breast augmentation at the same time Los Angeles CA

Do Plastic surgeons combine breast reductions with augmentation? I know this may sound silly but I wondered to give the beast a better more firm shape maybe? I am getting a reduction from very large breasts and want to be left with medium perky firm breasts

Stacey-Los Angeles

Breast reduction + breast augmentation at the same time Los Angeles

This is a very common procedure! It actually helps give the breasts a more rounded shape after the reduction along with the added benefit of a fuller upper pole region (the area above the nipple). For women who have lost a lot of weight, need a reduction and have a lot of excess skin this is typically the procedure of choice.



File ID : Q&A Cost of breast augmentation
Breast reductions and tummy tuck together New York, NY. or Phoenix

Can I get a breast reduction and a full tummy tuck at the same time? I have heard that doctors like to break up the surgeries and I would think it is a cost savings if done at the same time? I can travel to Phoenix.

Martha S -New York, NY

Breast reductions and tummy tucks, st louis or Chicago

This is a very common package and unless there is a health reason or if your circumstances dictate that the surgeries be separated then there should not be an issue with doing them together. Be aware that the healing time will be slower because your body has to heal two areas rather than just one and for the first couple of weeks you will need some help around the house so you don't over exert yourself. Ask your surgeon for a package price as there certainly should be a discount for multiple procedures.



File ID : Q&A Cost of breast augmentation
Breast Reduction or augmentation+ Mexico

I had breast reduction surgery in mexico like 8 years ago, but now I am interested in getting augmentation as well, time and kids will do it every time. Do you think this is still safe to get breast augmentation or breast lifts in Mexico?

Lois - Chicago, IL..

Breast Reduction or augmentation+ Mexico

Choose your surgeon and location carefully to make sure they are accredited and licensed but thousands of men and women safely and successfully travel overseas every year for plastic surgery and other medical procedures. As long as you do your homework having a breast reduction in Mexico is no more dangerous than having a breast reduction done in Chicago



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