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Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck):

Tummy Tuck Cost from $ 3,450

With Financing $ 102 per month


Abdominoplasty or "tummy tuck" is the most common procedure for flattening the stomach. The tummy tuck is helpful to women who have stretched muscles and skin after pregnancy, or for women who have lost a great deal of weight. The procedure removes excess skin from the middle and lower abdomen and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. The resulting scar is permanent, but can be hidden below the bikini line.


This procedure is often combined with other procedures like Breast lifts or Liposuction to produce a very popular series of surgeries called Mommy Makeovers.


Along with the tummy tuck, your surgeon may recommend liposuction to remove excess fat deposits... creating a more desirable body contour. Patients who plan to lose a lot of weight or plan future pregnancies should probably postpone having a tummy tuck.


This procedure is usually performed in 2 to 5 hours with a minimum of one to two days in the hospital to monitor your recovery and ensure your comfort and safety. The recovery period is usually 1-2 weeks.



Abdominoplasty, commonly referred to as a Tummy Tuck, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure used to tighten overly stretched abdominal muscles and skin in an effort to achieve a smoother, flatter appearance. Whether stretched by factors such as weight gain, weight loss, pregnancy, etc., the abdomen frequently fails to return to its original shape. Stretched beyond the capacity to return to normal, abdominal tissues don't always respond to various exercise and diet programs. In such cases, a tummy tuck may provide a highly effective, immediate solution in the treatment of stubborn abdominal areas.


In short, a tummy tuck may dramatically tighten the abdominal muscles as well as remove sagging, excess skin and accumulated fatty tissue. As an added benefit of the tummy tuck, not only will the abdominal region be firmer and flatter, but the waist will be smaller as well.


While the degree of improvement varies significantly depending on the magnitude of the abdominoplasty surgery, other factors contribute to the surgical outcome such as the patient's skin tone, body build, and the individual healing process. Aside from these issues, most patients are happy with the results offered through abdominoplasty and maintain a more favorable body image following the surgery.





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How is the Tummy Tuck Performed?


In an effort to achieve the best tummy tuck result, several different surgical techniques are available. The most appropriate technique will be selected based on the condition of the patient, the extent of the procedure as well as the patient/surgeon preference. Most tummy tuck procedures are performed under general anesthesia. In what many surgeons refer to as a full tummy tuck procedure, a surgical incision is made across the lower abdomen right above the pubic area. Following the creation of this initial incision, a second incision is made around the patient's belly button as a means of loosening the surrounding skin. Next, the patient's skin is separated from the wall of abdomen. Following this surgical maneuver, the surgeon pulls the loose abdominal muscles from the left and right flanks and sutures them together. This action results in tighter abdominal muscles, creating a stronger, firmer abdominal wall as well as a smaller waist. Directly after the tightening and suturing of the abdominal muscles, excess skin is removed and a new opening is made in the correct position for the belly button.




To complete the abdominoplasty, any remaining incisions are closed with sutures (stitches) and/or staples. Lastly, surgical gauze is placed over the incision area in an effort to keep the abdominal region clean and free from infection. A second option different from a full tummy tuck , and designed to treat problem areas existing below the belly button, is a partial tummy tuck . This less invasive form of abdominoplasty is frequently performed on an outpatient basis and typically requires a local form of anesthetic. Contingent on the patient's desired outcome, as well as their pre-operative status, the surgeon may recommend that either a partial or full tummy tuck be done in conjunction with Liposuction . Liposuction is frequently incorporated into those tummy tuck cases where additional fat deposits need to be removed from the hips, resulting in more rejuvenated, dramatic body contour. Occasionally, liposuction alone may offer the best results. The most appropriate treatment options will be discussed during the surgeon-patient consultation. A tummy tuck generally requires about two to five hours, depending on the extent of the procedure (i.e., "full tummy tuck" vs. "partial tummy tuck"), the desired out come and the pre-operative condition of the patient. Typically, a "partial tummy tuck" takes about one to two hours. While many tummy tuck procedures are performed in a hospital setting, some are done in an office surgical suite. The location of where the tummy tuck procedure is to be performed will depend on the patient's preferences as well as the surgeon's. Furthermore, depending on the extent of the tummy tuck, an overnight stay in a hospital is common. This allows for the patient's recovery process to be monitored by trained medical staff. If the treatment area is minimal, the patient may return home the same day. These issues are usually discussed and decided by the surgeon and patient during the initial consultation. While it may take most tummy tuck patients several weeks to feel completely back to normal, those patients who are in good physical condition will experience faster recovery times. Additionally, some tummy tuck patients are able to return to work after two weeks, others will require up to four weeks to recuperate. Many surgeons recommend that tummy tuck patients begin a program of light exercise following surgery. The motion afforded by this activity will reduce swelling, decrease the possibility of developing blood clots and enhance skin tone. Vigorous exercise, such as lifting heavy objects, etc., should be put off until it may be done comfortably and the surgeon has provided their consent to do so. As with most surgical procedures, scars do result from tummy tucks. Typically, surgical scars appear to worsen during the first few months following a tummy tuck - this is normal. In some tummy tuck cases it may take up to a year before most scars flatten out and lighten in color. While scars never disappear completely, tummy tuck scars are placed in areas that will subsequently be covered by clothes, bathing suits, etc.


How Much Pain is Associated With a Tummy Tuck?


For the first few days following aTummy Tuck, expect some degree of swelling in the abdominal region. Furthermore, it is likely that the patient will experience some pain and discomfort which may be controlled by various pain medications. In an effort to reduce any pain and discomfort associated with a tummy tuck, it is common that two to three days of bed rest is recommended. During this time, the surgeon may suggest that the patient keep their legs slightly bent at the hips to reduce the amount of strain placed on the abdominal muscles. Furthermore, most surgeons will provide the patient with an "abdominal binder" which serves to offer support to the tightened areas. The surgeon will provide additional instructions for various activities such as showering, changing the surgical dressings and walking. It is frequently recommended that patients walk as soon as possible, even though they may not be able to stand straight up initially. Stitches and sutures are typically removed within the first five to seven days following surgery. Deeper sutures with ends that protrude through the skin, those used at deeper levels under the skin, will come out in two to three weeks.




Who Would Best Represent an Ideal Candidate for a Tummy Tuck / Abdominoplasty ?


There are several important factors one must consider in determining whether or not abdominoplasty is the appropriate procedure for them. During the consultation visit with the surgeon, it is recommended that the patient ask the surgeon if they feel the patient is a good candidate for abdominoplasty. In determining one's readiness for abdominoplasty, the patient should:


  • Be realistic with the tummy tuck expectations
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be mature enough to fully understand the procedure
  • Be in relatively good physical condition
  • Be in good psychological health
  • Not be pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant
  • Not be severely overweight

What Are The Risks and Limitations of a Tummy Tuck?


All surgical procedures, including the tummy tuck, have potential risks associated with their performance. Basic risks include, bleeding, potential reaction to the anesthetic, and infection. Some scarring is to be expected with a tummy tuck. As mentioned earlier, scars will become lighter and flatter with time. Smoking may increase the risk of complications and may delay healing. Furthermore, smoking could potentially lead to larger scars. Most risks and complications associated with the tummy tuck may be reduced significantly by closely following any and all of the surgeon's instructions.




What is the Long-Term Effect of a Tummy Tuck?


For most tummy tuck patients, the long-term results associated with the procedure are excellent. Issues such as keeping one's weight relatively constant, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and carefully following the surgeon's instructions regarding physical activity, etc., determine the overall effect associated with a tummy tuck.


What is the cost of tummy tuck?


The average cost depends on a lot of things, but you can get a idea of the General pricing guide to plastic surgery in our Compare Prices page, or request a quote using our Get a Quote page.



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Liposuction Vs body contouring

What exactly is body contouring? Is it Liposuction or Liposculpture?

Laura B-Houston, TX.


Liposuction Vs Tummy Tuck

Houston, TX.

Laura, body contouring is about changing the size, shape and firmness of different body areas. This can be accomplished with many different procedures one of which is Liposuction/Liposculpture. The difference between the two is Liposuction tends to be removal of excess fat is specific areas such as the thighs or buttocks changing the overall shape. An example of Liposculpture, is a procedure where the surgeon literally sculpts a stomach into a washboard stomach complete with six pack. This is done by only removing the fat between the muscle ridges to achieve a sculpted look! This will not have the same effect as a tummy tuck however, as the skin and muscle can not be removed. Tummy Tucks cost a lot more, but is the only procedure that can totally fix a stomach that is stretched out, with excess skin.



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Plastic Surgery Prices

San Diego, CA

Cost of plastic surgery in San Diego is really high! . Hey guys, I've been checking out your web site, and I think it's amazing, the compare prices page really got me excited. I was getting some tummy tuck prices in San Diego into the double digits.

Mimi D. - San Diego, CA


Tummy Tuck Prices

San Diego, CA

Mimi, Thank you , we hope you find the procedure you are looking for and yes I have heard that Plastic surgery, tummy tuck or other is very expensive in San Diego ( Great Place Though!) You might want to consider traveling to another state for your Tummy Tuck. Prices in neighboring states will probably be much less, and may be worth the trip for you.



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Breast reduction and tummy tuck

Chicago, IL.

Can both procedures breast reduction and a tummy tuck be performed at the same time?

Sophie Chicago, IL

Breast reduction and tummy tuck , Chicago, IL.

Sophie, yes it is possible to have both surgeries done at the same time. We have this option available on our Package page. A few things to keep in mind is that the cost of a tummy tuck will go down when combined with the breast reduction. In order to get both done at the same you will have to be in good health, and have good pre op blood test workups.



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Tummy Tuck Payment plans or financing

New York, NY.

Do any of your hospitals or surgeons offer finance plans And or payment plans.

Mari P-New York, NY

Cosmetic surgery
financing plans

Mari, as of right now no they do not although we are currently working on offering this option to our clients through separate finance companies that specialize in PS financing.



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Tummy tuck costs in mexico

I've been looking at tummy tuck costs others countries, and I was thinking about mexico, but now that i see your web site and know about all the things you are offering, it just sounds great!!!

Lois - los Angeles, CA. | Mexico

plastic surgery in mexico
Well Lois, I'm so glad that you can see us as a great option for you, we invite you to go to our web site, and get a personalized quote of anything that you are interested on and then we can help you even more. Their are several excellent Plastic Surgeons in Mexico that have great prices on Tummy tucks, full or partial.


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Liposuction Mexico

Tummy Tuck Mexico

I was thinking about getting my lipo and Tummy Tuck in Phoenix. but i didn't really find a price that that fits my budget. I was thinking about getting at least the tummy tuck in mexico, is it safe?


Liposuction in mexico

Tummy Tuck in Phoenix, AZ.

Hi, I am surprised that you were unable to find good tummy tuck prices in Phoenix. Please send me the quotes you have gotten so far and I will see if I can help you or get you a quote for both surgeries done in mexico or another close state.



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