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Plastic Surgery Prices

Information About Budgeting for Common Procedures


Pricing guide for plastic surgeries


Why Is Plastic Surgery So Pricey?

Plastic Surgery can be reasonable if you are aware of the true cost of everything and prepare for it. While you can get flat all inclusive quotes on a surgical procedure, there can be additional fees and “expenses´ expenses will not be included. It is important that you sit down with the Surgery Center and go over each line item with them to identify exactly what is covered. Please check as flat rate (all inclusive) plastic surgery probably will not cover all pre-op testing or a surgical result that involves a complication, or a longer stay at a surgery center or hospital due to complications. Then there are the other costs that are “paid out of wallet for your own benefit.


As with most major purchases the costs are not always clear until you actually go through the buying process. This consumer guide to buying Plastic Surgery is full of tips and tricks to help you get the best bids. Budget ahead of time for your desired procedure.



Description and Plastic Surgery Prices

Labiaplasty  & Vaginoplasty(rejuvenation)

Labia plasty is a vaginal surgery involving the genital area that will change the size/ modify the shape of the small outer lips of the vagina. (Labia minora)
RECOVERY TIME 2 – 6 days| Prices $3,200-$4,000

Hymenoplasty (hymen restoration)

This is a vaginal procedure to correct a ripped hymen due to sex or an accident. Hymen Repair is typically carried out for cultural reasons. RECOVERY TIME 4–6 weeks | Prices $2,600-$3,800

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a procedure to increase the size of the breasts using implants to control the size and shape. RECOVERY TIME 1-3 weeks | Prices $5,000-$9,000

Breast Lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a breast surgery that lifts and reshapes the breasts. It can also reduce the size of the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple).RECOVERY TIME  2-4 weeks | Prlces $4,000-$9,000

Breast Reduction

A mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces, lifts and reshapes the breasts. It can also reduce the size of the areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple).RECOVERY TIME  2-4 weeks | Prices $5,000-$10,000
Breast Lift with Implants
This surgery combines a breast augmentation and breast lift to increase the size of the breasts and reshape and lift.
RECOVERY TIME 4-6 weeks | Price $10,000-$16,000
Brizilian Butt Lift
It incorporates liposuction typically from the abdomen, lower and mid back, add buttock enhancement with fat grafting to help shape the buttocks to increase projection and size. RECOVERY TIME 2-4 weeks | Price $3,500-$12,000
Buttocks Enhancement
This surgery increases the size and projection of the buttocks. Using specially made implants/harvested fat inserted under the muscle in the upper portion of the buttock.RECOVERY TIME 2-8 weeks | Price $8,000-$14,000

Male Breast Reduction

A mammoplasty is a surgical procedure that reduces, lifts and reshapes the breasts.RECOVERY TIME 1-3 weeks | Price $6,000-$9,000

Eyelid Surgery

Extra fat, skin, and muscle in the upper and/or lower eyelid is removed to correct "droopy" eyelids.RECOVERY TIME 3 days - 1 week | Price $1,500-$7,000
Upper Eyelid

It removes excess skin and fat from the upper eyelid only. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they cover this surgery. RECOVERY TIME 1-4 days | Price $1,500-$3,000

Lower Eyelid
This surgery removes excess skin and fat from under the eye. RECOVERY TIME 1-4 days | Price $1,500-$3,000


The extra fat is removed. Muscles are tightened, and skin is rewrapped around the face and neck to improve sagging facial skin, jowls, and loose neck skin.RECOVERY TIME 2-5 weeks | Price $6,000-$12,000
Forehead and Browlift
This surgery lifts the eyebrows enhancing the curvature and arch. There are many techniques that can be used for this procedure. RECOVERY TIME 2-3 weeks | Price $800-$5,000

Lip Enhancement

Lip augmentation to produce fuller lips is acheived by injections,surgical implants made just for lips. Lip enhancement have two varations,temporary, permanent. RECOVERY TIME | Price $200-$4,000
Chin Enhancement
Chin enhancement increases projection and shape of the chin using an implant. RECOVERY TIME 2-3 weeks | Price $1,200-$4,000

Abdominoplasty Surgery
(tummy tuck)

A major surgical procedure that will remove excess skin and fat from the lower abdomen and tighten the ab muscles.RECOVERY TIME  2-6 weeks | Price $5.000-$9,000
Mini Tummy Tuck
A surgical procedure to remove a small amount of excess skin below the belly button. Muscle repair can be done during this procedure, but it is not typical. RECOVERY TIME 2-4 weeks | Price $5,000-$8,000
Focused liposuction to reshape the waist, buttock, thighs or other area.RECOVERY TIME 2-6 weeks | Price $2,000-$10,000


Excess fat is removed with a lipo machine to change the bodies shape. RECOVERY TIME 2- 6 weeks | Price $2,000-$10,000


The nose is reshaped by surgically resculpting the bone and cartilage.RECOVERY TIME  1-2 weeks | Price $3,000-$12,000
The nose is reshaped surgically, and an air way alteration is performed at the same time.
RECOVERY TIME 1-3 weeks | Price $4,000-$15,000

 Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

Changes the shape and how far the ears protrude out from the head. RECOVERY TIME 1-2 weeks | Price $800-$2500

The Hidden Costs

Surgical Cost
Some surgeries may require more than one plastic surgeon. The Surgeon you choose will be the doctor performing the operation, and an anesthesiologist. Complex surgeries may require more than one surgeon to assist within the operating room. Plastic surgery prices are directly related to OR room expenses.
Plastic Surgery Prices Guide

The Operating Theater

The operating room is included in all inclusive rates or may be billed by the time in the OR (usually in fifteen minute repetitions). The fees usually include the cleaning and cost of the tools such as the anesthesia system, etc. Make sure if your surgery goes over a standard time that your budget will cover that overtime.

Surgical Implants or Special materials
Should your surgery use an implant like breast augmentation or chin implants, for example, there can be an implant charge..

Medicine utilized for the surgery MAY or MAY NOT be included while in surgery. Additional medications due to a complication or infection may be an extra charge.
Sometimes standard drugs are included, while say if you have sensitivity to a certain drug than that is considered non standard.

Room of Recovery
Patients spend their time recovering in the recover rooms are taken post operation so that you can be cared for and monitored. There could be an additional charge for the time spent in recovery, along with any medications given, if you have to stay longer due to any complications that may arise during surgery. You need to know if his was included in the budget you were given.

Before Operation Testing

The first plastic surgery prices often begin when you get a consultation from your surgeon, which usually involves a fee. Many added checkups from your surgeon, both pre and post surgery, may also incur charges. Make sure this is covered in the original price.
It may be necessary for the surgeon to order supplemental pre-operative testing if there is a question to the patient ability to undergo rigorous or hazardous surgery. Often times these additional examinations can amount to a significant cost increase in the surgery budget.

Extra Care From Hospitals

If the surgical procedure and recovery go well most likely no additional fees will be incurred. However, complications can and do happen in a percentage of instances and often times can add to the final bill. Over expenses charged by the physicians and the Surgical Center so it is best to be prepared or clear that this is included in advance.

Unsatisfactory Results
What if you are unhappy with your results? Will a revision surgery be included or not? Will this correction surgery be done at cost? This is a very important point to go over as a corrective for the same procedure is often billed at full plastic surgery prices. This can double the costs.

Traveling Out of State

If you live in New York, California or Dallas, for example, you can expect to pay at least 25 percent more than someone living in another state. If you have a relative or someone you know in another state it can be very worth your time to pull bids from there. You can really save several thousand dollars this way.


Miscellaneous Additions

You may require special garments, like for facelifts or liposuction. Protective bedding is a good idea after a large liposuction (disposable is best). All these items are rarely included in Plastic surgery prices. Check with your doctor to see what special items you will most likely need to purchase.


Price Review Sheet

  • Check Medications-what included and not.
  • Check Revision Costs-get clear answers for this.
  • Check Complication pricing-who is responsible for what.
  • Special Garments-what is included.
  • Check for Multiple Procedure discount.
  • Check All Post Surgical Visits are included in your bid.
  • Check Out of State Prices, can save you a bundle if you live in NY.
  • Friend Surgery Discount- Get a friend to have work done as well.

Cost of Plastic SurgeryLearn more:

Pricing TablesRelated:


Surgery Board-Plastic Surgery Prices Q&A


File ID : Q&A  
Plastic Surgery Prices and tummy tucks, Miami FL

Can I get a breast reduction, and tummy tuck at the same time? And if so how does that affect the price?

Sophie Miami, FL

Plastic Surgery Prices and tummy tucks, Miami FL

Sophie, yes you can get both plastic surgeries at the same time, Word of caution up front, if you are getting this done in the States, then you surgeon will try to split up the procedures almost for sure.

But if you are healthy and your pre-op blood work comes out fine, there is little reason you can not get this done at the same time. You may have to push the surgeon as they make more money when they are split up into two surgery's. The cost should drop at least 35 percent when combined. If elsewhere.



File ID : Q&A  
Breast augmentation
Surgeons in phoenix, AZ or New York, NY

I am looking at breast augmentation Plastic Surgeons in phoenix or New York. I have found Plastic surgery prices vary hugely between the two areas. I can understand a little, but as much as a 50 percent increase in prices, am I just looking the wrong way or what?

Mary B-Arizona/New York

Breast augmentation
Surgeons in phoenix, AZ or New York, NY

Mary, No you are probably not searching incorrectly. Plastic surgery prices in NY are off the charts! Really, I don't know why most people that live there don't simply drive a few hours to save an awful lot of money. I have asked a few plastic Surgeons about this, and basically they said that the cost of doing business is just so much higher in NY that they are forced to have taller prices. It seems you live in both locations. I would get it done in AZ, there are several great PS there.



File ID : Q&A  
Plastic Surgery Prices
Alyssa in Dallas, TX

Do you get better prices if you go with a friend and get a double quote? My friend and I are in desperate need on Mommy Makeovers! However, we are on mommy tight budgets.

Alyssa Dallas, TX

Plastic Surgery Prices
Alyssa in Dallas, TX

Alyssa I know the feeling as a mother of twins that pretty much wrecked my figure. Yes is the answer to your question. You should expect to get at least 20 percent when bringing in a friend. If a surgeon is not willing to give you a discount, then shop elsewhere.

Send me, an email and I will try to help you out. If you are willing to travel then you would expect to save at least 60-70 percent of US plastic surgery prices. although being moms, I understand that may or may not be an option for you.

Alyssa Dallas, TX




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