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Stem Cell Breast Augmentation


Using Stem Cells for Breast Enhancement

Stem cell breast augmentation is an increasingly common form of natural breast augmentation.  Many women are insecure about their small breast size or have uneven breasts due to causes such as a genetic deformity or surgery that removed a portion of breast tissue.  This is why breast augmentation is such a popular procedure.  However, many women are also concerned about inserted synthetic materials into their bodies like silicone implants because they can cause problems in the event of a rupture.  They also want something that looks and feels more natural than saline, which does not pose the same safety risks as silicone.  This is where stem cells come into play.  With stem cell breast augmentation, women can have naturally larger breasts using a minor procedure and natural means instead of surgically inserted implants.  This article will explain what stem cell breast augmentation is, how it works, and why you might consider it for breast augmentation surgery.

What Is It?

Stem cell breast augmentation is the process of inserting the individual’s own stem cells into the breast tissue to create more fat in that area.  The surgeon removes stem cells from a fat deposit in the woman’s body, purifies them, and then inserts them into the breast tissue.  Because they are stem cells, they encourage the breast to produce more fat in the area.  The result is that the breast tissue is more plump with more fat in it, therefore increasing the overall breast size.

How Does It Work?

Stem cell breast augmentation is simple.  Typically, the plastic surgeon performs a double liposuction or tummy tuck procedure with the breast augmentation.  In the first part, the surgeon removes the stem cells from the liposuctioned fat in the woman’s abdomen, thighs, hips, or other fat deposits.  The stem cells are extracted using special laboratory equipment (a suction device known as a cannula) and then purified, filtered, and concentrated for transfer purposes.  Finally, they are injected into the breast tissue.  The stem cells are typically inserted into the breast tissue along with fat from the liposuctioned area.  The whole procedure can generally be done in a matter of hours on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia.  This saves the patient from having to plan for general anesthesia and an extended hospital stay. 

Why Stem Cells?

Stem cells are far more effective than implants in creating the natural look and feel of the breast through breast augmentation because they already are natural.  The stem cells increase the survival rate of the new fat cells and promote the growth of more fat cells.  In other words, they get the body to naturally produce more fat in the breast area, and in most cases, the results last far longer than with other breast implants.  The results are also more stable, because the woman does not have to return regularly to have the implants examined for possible rupturing.  They also don’t pose the same health risks: the body will not reject the stem cells like it might a foreign substance because they are already natural to it.

In addition, stem cell breast augmentation improves the overall shape of the woman’s body.  With the stem cells and fat being removed from the abdomen or other fatty areas, then injected into the breast tissue, the effect is the more desirable hourglass figure that women seek.  Stem cells won’t create an unnatural shape, nor do they make a hugely drastic difference.  Generally, the use of stem cell breast augmentation increases breast size up to two cup sizes, though typically one cup size.  Thus, it is not necessarily recommended for women who need a more significant increase in breast size.  Also, the stem cell injection procedure does not leave unsightly scarring because the injection points are small and heal quickly without scarring. 
Yet another reason why stem cell breast augmentation is preferable for some women is because it continues to allow the woman to breastfeed afterward.  A lot of women struggle with nursing after receiving silicone breast implants or saline implants because the milk ducts can be damaged. 

Where to get Stem Cell augmentation

You can find doctors in multiple locations that are skilled in stem cell breast augmentation.  It is important to verify that the plastic surgeon you go to for stem cell breast augmentation is skilled in the area, because the process is very precise and requires careful attention and skill.  Consider stem cells as a viable option for breast augmentation.


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