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Liposuction: Body Contouring

Reshaping the body's lines using non surgical procedures



Body Shaping using Thermage, LipoSonix and Mesotherapy

A combination of proper exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to lose weight, but if you’re doing both of these and still haven’t seen any result, then a body contouring procedure may be the way to go.
Body sculpting procedures that involve dissolving fat and tightening the skin are much quicker, can promise noticeable results, and are far less invasive than the regular old liposuction routine.  Some of these techniques include Thermage, LipoSonix, and mesotherapy.  Thermage, also known as Thermalift or Thermacool, uses a radiofrequencies to tighten the skin of the face, giving you a non-surgical facelift.   Liposonix destroys the fat cells using an intense ultrasound.  Mesotherapy uses combinations of various chemicals, which are injected into the skin to dissolve fat cells.  But beware, there is no magic wand.

Everyone is looking for a way to look young, or keep looking young, without any signs of surgery, or any type of cosmetic surgery…and the companies that design new technologies market their products as ‘the magic wand’, but with many treatments, it is still the person wielding the technology that delivers the results.  Even though the technology is innovative and promises results, it is nothing without the skilled surgeon.  Many of the new technologies do show promising results, but we still do not have enough proof to say that it is the machine and NOT the surgeon that has delivered the results.

One such body contouring technology is Thermage, it is relatively new, but there are not enough results to say the machine did the job.  Some of the results with Thermage are questionable while some results are good.  Mesotherapy is another one, it works well in the hands of certain practitioners, but not so well in the hands of others.  Many patients have developed complications with mesotherapy, but we don’t know exactly how many did not.  Some of these complications include infections, change in the skin color, and even indentations on the skin.  Based on the number of patient complaints, many doctors would not recommend mesotherapy just yet.

All types of chemicals are injected into the skin with mesotherapy, but there is no standard of which chemicals should be used, and what quantity of each should be measured.  Different practitioners have different views on how it should be applied, so at this point we are comparing apples to oranges.  Clinical trials are being held at various medical centers to try to answer the questions we have about mesotherapy, but studies still need to be performed.

LipoSonix on the other hand, has shown very promising results.  Studies conducted in Mexico have shown waist line circumferences reduced by as much as 7 cm.  LipoSonix used high intensity ultrasound waves which are aimed about 1 inch under the skin.  The ultrasonic waves have broken up the fatty tissue in pig trials, and the technology is now under FDA approval for U.S. studies.  There have been no indications of any safety problems, the treatment does not irritate the skin, excess fat is not released into the bloodstream, and abdomen fat is reduced without serious complications.

LipoSonix is not ready to replace traditional liposuction just yet, but it does have great potential as a body contouring technique.  The benefits include no pain, no scarring, no extended recovery period, and patients can receive a treatment and go for a meal right after.  Local and general anesthesia is not used, instead, a topical anesthesia is used.

Technologies like these cannot be rushed, it must be taken one step at a time…precision and safety come first.  Precise body contouring is the goal, and LipoSonix does show encouraging results, but remember, there is no magic wand…not just yet anyway's.

What alternatives are there to liposuction?
Laser Liposuction is one very good alternative that is proven.  LipoSonix shows promise, but is yet to be proven as a safe, effective alternative.  There is also Thermage and mesotherapy, but doctors agree that neither one of these are proven just yet either.

What is LipoSonix?
LipoSonix is a body contouring technique that uses high intensity ultrasound waves to break up fat cells.  The waves are aimed one inch under the skin.  The fat cells that are broken up are released into the bloodstream, but the procedure limits the amount released so that it is not dangerous.

Is LipoSonix painful?
No.  Plus it leaves no trace that surgery or any cosmetic procedure has been performed.  Since it uses ultrasound waves there is no incision, there is no skin irritation, and there is no pain.

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